Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My life right now ROCKS!!

FAMILIA!! Hola to everyone! I have a little less time to email today cuz I had to read letters, but that's okay.

So this week has been fantastic! I can't even think of where to start. First, can you believe this time next week I’ll be in the field?? I can't! It's crazy, I'm at the point where I'm ahead of my roommates cuz I’m learning the lessons 3 times as fast as them cuz I don't have to learn a language, so I was telling them about teaching the plan of salvation and they had just started it that day. Weird, I'm like as old as you can get as an english speaker in the mtc now. (P.S. I lied, my spanish speaking roommates are going to St. George! So ask everyone you meet if they know me Grandma and Grandpa!)

So pros and cons of befriending your zone leader:
Pros: He's a combo of Cory Martin and Joe, so basically he's my favorite person ever.
Cons: Personal study time is so much harder to focus in cuz we talk about all these random points of the gospel, and he'll make you teach a lesson in district meeting and recommend you to the branch president for callings.

So I am now the coordinating sister for our branch, which is super hilarious for a few reasons. I leave on Tuesday, so I got called this Sunday and will be released next Sunday. And they don't make any missionaries go to the mtc the day before Thanksgiving, so we aren't getting any new sisters, and 99% of my calling is welcoming and orientating new sisters. So why do I have this calling? Just because Elder Kenning recommended me.

Than I taught a lesson on the book of mormon being keystone of our religion, most over discussed topic ever. I complained to Elder Kenning about that and he told me that's why he gave it to me, cuz I thought I could find something deeper in it. No pressure. But it actually went really well, I had everyone say what they were grateful for that came from the gospel and wrote it in a shape of the arch and then talked about how without the book of mormon we wouldn't have any of them and erased them one at a time. It made me cry, so I guess if nothing else it really helped strengthen me. It's just crazy to think that without that book, which I tend to give so little time or attention to, there would be no priesthood authority or church or revelation and literally everything I value that got me here in the mtc right now would just be nonexistent! How do I manage to be so ungrateful of that? It's really something I want to change about myself while I'm here, and hopefully something I won't ever do as much again in my entire life.

Guess what Melissa, my branch president gave this super original talk about how the Holy Ghost is, wait for it... like a GPS! WHAT?!?! Really?? Just like they said in conference? Just like they say in the first book of the book of mormon with the Liahona?? GASP! It actually was an awesome talk, mostly cuz that analogy was only the very beginning of it, but I was cracking up the whole time thinking of you!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving, we get to spend it doing service and going to devotionals, it should rock! They still won't admit who's speaking though, so I'll keep pretending like I don't know.

I feel like the theme of this past week has been the Holy Ghost. Want to read something amazing, look up the 20 mark note talk by President Packer. We watched a clip about Elder Bednar talking about as a missionary he once gave Elder Packer 20 marks in case he got hungry on the train and 20 years later discovered that may have saved his and his wife's lives. But at the time he really just thought they may be hungry, he had no idea what an important spiritual prompting that was! The point was that as missionaries, and in our lives in general, we need to stop worrying so much about if something is our thoughts or a prompting of the spirit. The truth is that if we do what is right and are trying to keep our selves in line with Christ's teachings, or as Elder Bednar said "be good boys and girls", we'll have those promptings. It doesn't matter if we realize that's what it was or not, just have faith! That was so reassuring because I constantly worry about if I'm teaching with the Spirit, and I realized I just need to have faith in my calling and the promises of the Lord that if I’m studying and being obedient, than the Spirit will be there and the Lord will direct me. Cory wrote in an email to me to just learn to let go of the rope and let the Lord make up the rest, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

Well, last few minutes of email time! I'm so happy for p day, it's a little sad that THE HIGHLIGHT of my week is doing laundry, my district and i talk about it probably every day. But I don't know when I'll email again since next p-day I fly to CANADA! So i'll call you from the airport in a week, I forgot my travel info so I could give you a time estimate but I leave the MTC at 4 am and fly to Detroit, so I'll probably call you during that lay over or when I land. So mom KEEP YOUR PHONE ON AND ANSWER IT, I’ll call the house and dad's too since I know yours has issues but seriously, if you need to swap phones for the day with Erin and just put your sim card in hers so it'll actually ring do it so I actually get to talk to someone. Love you all so so much, I cried a lot about you this week but we had an awesome lesson about how Christ taught if we love Him more than these we are to feed His sheep. You guys are my "these", I love you more than everything except for Christ, He is the only one I value more and the only reason I can handle leaving you for so long is because I'm doing His work and feeding His sheep. Especially you baby EJ, I'll miss a lot with you but it's worth it, and I'll see you so soon anyways!

So reporting from the last time from P-Town Utah MTC, this is Sister Jensen saying my life right now ROCKS!!

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