Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy Night!

So, transfer calls....Not what we expected!

We made that unfortunate mistake of high fiving ourselves for surviving calls, because we'd gotten texts from our whole zone so we knew they had finished the calls for this area. (Shoulda learned last time with Sister Casner!) But just as we were saying we were amazed the Lord was letting us stay together because we're aLOT crazy, we got a call. We'd forgotten training calls always come later.

So, I am going to Woodstock! I'll be white wash training, and Sister Williams is training here in Bowmanville! So needless to say, NOT a very sleepful night and a CRAZY rushed day!
It was really cool though because there was one point in the day where Sister Williams and I prayed together before heading out the apartment to work and Sister Williams told me she felt a feeling of peace come over here about transfer calls, and I had been thinking the exact same thing- I was at total peace. (Honestly, I thought that was the Spirit preparing me to stay another transfer so I wouldn't start to feel overwhelmed by serving in one place for almost 8 months.) But we were both so calm and comforted. And then we both got calls to train, which neither of us expected- I was pretty sure I was going to be a junior companion again because I felt the Lord needed to retrain me a bit lol! But that feeling hasn't left, I'm so excited to go to this new area and see what the Lord has planned for me. I know He always prepares us for any calling he gives, and when we accept He prepares the way for us to fulfill and magnify it!

This week I had one of the best miracles of my mission, I'm really sad to leave Bowmanville THIS WEEK of all weeks! We dropped by a former investigator of Sister Casner and I's, Adam and Tasha, last weekend and Adam answered. He was friendly and said we could come back next weekend but I was totally braced to never be able to catch them because we hadn't for 4 months! But we went by on Saturday and caught them just as we were about to leave for a bike ride, but they immediately invited us to the backyard to talk and put their ride off. They agreed to come to church, but on Sunday they didn't show up so we dropped by again last night and once again they invited us in. Turns out they didn't have gas money to go but they asked us to share a lesson before we left so we sat down and read Alma 32 about faith with them. It was just amazing to me because I have prayed for this family ever since we stopped teaching them, that some day they'd be ready and we'd be able to see them again, because the only reason we dropped them was they fell off the map and we could never catch them. So I'm so grateful the Lord heard me and let me see them start being taught again before I left. But I'm so jealous I'm leaving Bowmanville with 2 of my favorite families in the WORLD being taught by Sister Williams! Bah! Whatever, I'll catch up with them in the Spirit World eventually.

So, I'll write to you in a week and tell you about all the AMAZING things that are happening in Woodstock! And send you pics of my growing mission family- I have a grandbaby already! Adorable! Love you all, hope you're having another fantastic week. Mom, hope you and your favorite daughter Dakota continue to get good bonding time together. Talk to you soon!

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