Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Monday!

Good Monday! (I dunno what time of the day you actually read this...)

Okay, firstly, transfers- we get calls on Sunday night and leave early Tuesday morning if we're going. So I dunno, your call if you want to send it or not. Depends on how long it usually takes. If you want to play it safe and send it to the mission office, I can tell anyone from the district who does get transferred to grab it for me if I don't get transferred. If you want to risk it, I can have Sister Williams pass it along the zone leaders if I'm transferred and miss it. But I think packages usually get here fairly quickly.

Thanks for the pictures! Nik's wedding looks gorgeous, where was the reception? Where are they living now? Soups weird that he's married.... I'm glad everyone survived travel and such. Bummer Mel couldn't go, but probably best. I definitely made a few trips I shouldn't have and it always ended up hurting later, so well done showing some self restraint!

It's been a GRAND old week for B-ville, ON! Miracles are abounding :) We have 3 new investigators- Holly, the niece of the people we live with; Noah, the 9 year old of a less active family in the ward that loves sister Williams and I; and Tracy, Brian's wife! So we're teaching his entire family now, though it's hit and miss with them- basically whoever is home when we come sits in. But that was the first time his wife really sat in and listened, and agreed to be there when we came back. And his mother-in-law came to church and told us she thinks this is what she needs, and agreed to a baptismal date for September 30th after. She's still hesitant, but she's making alot of progress and LOVED church. We're thrilled at the image of that whole family being sealed in the temple in a year :)

Holly also came to church, she's really interested on explanations and actually understanding why we do and believe what we do, so it was fun explaining things to her. In one of our lessons this week we explained about how Christ died not just for our sins, but for everything we go through in this life so he can understand and succor us. She isn't sure if she believes in Christ or if it's just a nice story, but she was fascinated by that and said she's never heard Christ died to understand us. She kept saying how beautiful it was. I love seeing the fresh perspective from people who learn something for the first time- it IS really beautiful what the Atonement means and does for us!

I had the best conversation this week with Jeff, our recent convert. He likes to tell us all his conversations with his friends and warn us about the things that might make it hard for us as missionaries to teach people- he genuinely is concerned we don't know people will find it weird or hard to have to give up coffee lol. But he was talking about how one of his friends who he knows from one of his old churches he attended and he asked Jeff if we think our church is better than other churches. He said he wasn't sure what to say. He told us he didn't think less of other churches but he knew that we were the only church with the Book of Mormon and so no other church had the understanding and knowledge we did. Then he said he realized everyone has to eventually take a stand on what they believe, that they are backed up to a wall of faith (practically quoted Preach my Gospel!) and there's no room for fence sitting with the Book of Mormon. So he told his friend our church wasn't better but it did know more and was the only true church. I was beaming, it was so cool to hear that from someone who 3 months ago threw away the first Book of Mormon he was offered. He tells us all the time how now that he knows what the Book of Mormon offers he can't cut it out of his beliefs- he always goes back to 2 Ne phi 2 and how the teachings about how Adam and Eve had to fall is lost from the Bible (and he''s been to alot of churches and is well researched). Reminds me of Jeffery Holland (so jealous you got to hear him Erin!) talking about how anyone who leaves this church must do so by crawling under, over, or around the Book of Mormon, and how it is what Jesus Christ himself was said to be- a stumbling block to those who don't want to believe. Jeff has an amazing testimony, he's such a faith builder to me that the Book of Mormon is true and is the only full record of Christ's gospel. He came with us to teach Brian last week and told him the more he read the Book of Mormon the more things in the Bible would connect and it's holes would be filled. I love how much my investigators teach me!

Also, cherry on top, Sister Williams and I graded for our first stripe in Jui Jitsu! I probably could have done that after my second week, but we finally did it. Since we don't own a gi or belt Brother Lafrance, aka Henshi, put the stripe on the pull ties for Sister William's pants. Sadly my pants had nothing, so I just got a hand shake. He said if he has any extra belts in the dojo he'll give us one, or I may break down and buy one. But I now feel like I've gone 6 months without it, I probably shouldn't get one now. The point is I'm, officially lethal and prepared to serve in downtown Toronto!

Love you all! Thanks in advance for the box if it comes this week, and I'll see you on the other side of transfer calls!

Sister Jensen

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