Monday, October 15, 2012


It was an EXCELLENT week! Jody is being baptized on Saturday, so we have been finishing teaching him the commandments and preparing him for that. Not that he needs us at all, I think he just likes us coming over to ask random questions and show off how much better he knows the Bible than us. He went off about Samson one day, and I told him about Porter Rockwell having the same promise placed on him. He went online that night and ordered a book about him haha!
Had a cool moment teaching him this week- we were teaching about tithing and offerings, and the blessing we receive from paying them and how those blessings come in many forms. Suddenly I had a vivid memory of a tithing settlement we went to where the Bishop told us how he hoped we knew as kids how great are parents were and how you payed a full tithe each year and donated a good chunk of money to other funds as well. He specifically talked about how you had donated money to the missionary funds of the church. Earlier this week someone had told me how crazy it was our family had 3/4 kids serving a mission when the statistic was 1/4 go, and now Erin's planning to make it 4/4. Probably not a coincidence that happened when you two contributed to missionary funds and always payed a full tithe. :)
We also had some AMAZING member work happening this week. A member took us around one morning to drop by several of her friends and invite them to meet with us. We're going to set up an appointment with one of them. Another one we dropped by was an Indian family, who invited us in to meet their spiritual leader- I think they said he was their guru. So we had this deep discussion with him about who God is and he agreed with everything we said. Who knew Hindus and Mormons have the exact same belief?? (We only talked for like 10 minutes, didn't have time to get to any of the differences lol)
We also met with a 17 year old girl in the ward and 3 of her friends from school, we had like a Q&A forum. They all are open minded about God but not really sure what they believe, so we talked about life after death, a little about the restoration of the gospel, and the word of wisdom (of course, 17 year olds, the no drinking came up pretty fast.) It was really fun and they all agreed to meet with us again and learn what we believe.
Well, I think that's pretty much everything....Things are great in Canada! Though it's getting way too cold too early for my taste. Mom you would DIE to see the leaves here though, it's unreal how many shades of red there are.
Love you all! Talk to you in a week :)

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