Monday, October 29, 2012

Obedience brings happiness

Cioa & bonjourno!

So since you sent me some fun missionary stats, here are some I learned this week:

Before the conference announcement they average I think 700 new application started every week; since the announcement they've have I want to say 4000 started every week.

Before conference, 14% of all applicants were sisters. Since conference, more than 50 % are.


Thank you for the move update, all you had told me so far is you were moving lol so good to know. I'm glad you're on board with a Texas tour because I was definitely planning one. Unless I'm successful in my new campaign to convince everyone I know to move to Utah with me.

DAD, I want juicy exciting details about your GA interview! Come on sir! And mommy I'm so sorry you're sick! No bueno :(

LOVED the pictures hahaha!

And no about the book Mom, President Scott is 100% by the book, if he can't find it in Preach My Gospel or the white handbook we don't do it. Except I recently found out the Farcee Elders in our mission have permission to watch Disney movies on p-day in Farcee as language training.  lol jealous.

It was been raining for about a week and a half now, it's really starting to depress Sister DeRuvo but I'm been totally fine with it- probably because rain means it's still too warm to snow. But it's starting to dip below 10 degrees so I'm not sure how much longer we'll get to swing that.  This week...I'm not really sure what to tell you about it. It was good! Lol we survived transfer calls, which is always happy but was no surprise- usually you get to stay if you are 1) training 2) white washing or 3) Sister Jensen, because I don't move much, and since this transfer I was all 3 I would have been shocked if we'd been called.

Sister DeRuvo and I have had some pretty cool spiritual experience recently with being prompted together by the Spirit. It's quite the learning process about how important it is to always be worth of the Spirit, because alot of our experiences lately have been a result of little decisions we made that we didn't realize until later were promptings, like to print off a certain talk when we're at the library. It's also showed me the importance of surrounding yourself with others who can have the Spirit and being careful about who you're connected to (Ugh, I hate when my mission gives me marriage lessons. Gross.) But yeah, I've been so grateful this week to have been blessed with so many amazing companions throughout my mission and to be able to work with Sister DeRuvo especially, I'm so glad we're staying companions another transfer!

Sorry, I really can't think of anything else to share. Oh, except this morning I had the BEST study of Mormon 9 and how faith yields miracles. It was a pretty pointed study too- I was thinking about how obedience is a direct result of or show of our faith, so if you read that chapter thinking of being obedient every time it talks about having faith it throws a new light on it. I realize this is probably true with most missionaries, but I have developed SUCH a love for obedience and trying to follow the commandments and Spirit exactly! I'm still not the best at applying it, but the difference in my days when I strive to and when I don't is so obvious, obedience brings happiness :)

Anywhos, guess I'll end there. We're meeting up today with our district for a last huzzah before half of them are transferred away. So have a great week! Feel better mom! good luck starting your training dad! Love you all!

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