Monday, January 14, 2013

Hola Familia!

Hola Familia!

Sorry if this is going to be short, I have 15 minutes (I'm on an express computer) so let's see what I can pump out!

First of all, I made a major discovery this week. I do not speak Spanish. Haha I went on exchanges to Kitchener with the Hermanas and spent the day in Spanish work! It was fun...and terrifying. I spent the whole day having a new appreciation for Melissa serving in French haha because I doubt 9 weeks would have made that any easier. I did learn one of the most important phrases though- "Yo se que el libro de Mormon es la verdad!" I also learned the word for sin what a woman went off for about 10 minutes about why it would be wrong to be baptized a second time. (Even before Hermana Ence translated for me after I understood when she compared it to killing someone. Yikes.)

I had an amazing experience with it though. We dropped by this woman, Maria, that the Hermanas had met about a month ago but never gotten a hold of again. We went in and started to teach her about the restoration- thankfully she understood English pretty well. But after a few minutes her husband came in and joined us, and he spoke almost no English. I mean, I think he could say the basics, but he couldn't talk about God or religion in English. So Sister Ence taught in Spanish and I taught in English. It went something like this:
Jose: *speaks Spanish*

Hermana Ence: "He wants to know how we know if a prophet is from God or not." *speaks Spanish*

Me: "Let's turn to a scripture in Matthew...." *they read it in Spanish* "This scripture teaches us we can look at the fruits. If the things they teach bring us closer to God and make us feel good we know they are teaching truth."

*Every talks more in Spanish*

I never knew if I was repeating Hermana Ence or even any where on topic, except one time when she looked at me and said "Do you want to teach them about Joseph Smith?" And I have no idea if they understood me at all, but it seemed like she only translated what I said once. That lesson should have been a disaster but it was so good! I've rarely had such interested and focused investigators. You could see that despite my pitiful contribution to the lesson the Spirit was so strong and just working on their hearts. They agreed to be baptized (I didn't even realized that's what they agreed to until after Hermana Ence was using her hands to demonstrate baptism by immersion and I realized they had asked how baptism worked) and Hermana Ence told me after in th closing prayer Jose thanked God for sending us to teach them. Such a good reminder that what we say doesn't matter, because we as teachers fall pretty short. But when you feel the Spirit what was said doesn't matter, you know what is true. I'm going to stalk the weekly email list of the baptisms for their name!

The other great story from this week is our new investigator, Daniel. He's 17 and I actually taught him a breif restoration one time when he was over when we came to dinner. He asked his friend for a Book of Mormon and reads it all the time, he took it on Christmas vacation and said when homework stresses him out he takes a break to go read it. He's awesome! So we sat down to teach him and asked him if he had any expectations about meeting with us, and he said "Well I do have a question about the Plan of Salvation.... What's the Plan of Salvation?" HAHAHA! So we taught the Plan of Salvation and set him with a date for March 3rd :)

AH out of time!  Love you!

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