Monday, January 28, 2013

My life is crazy

First, my companion is the single cutest person on Earth, I adore her. She's from Pleasant Grove Utah and is 20 and a rock star, I feel like this is more President Scott retraining me than the other way around. And I'm not saying that to be cute and supportive, she's genuinely awesome in every way. I'm learning so much! President Scott flat out told me in my interview this week not to get comfortable here because he has his eye on her to train in 5 weeks, and he's not going to make her white wash train already so that means I'm going to get moved, most likely to white wash train again. It's not guaranteed  but Sister Sorensen is the most solid new missionary I've ever met so I knew she'd be training after about 5 minutes.

Which is SO sad because Brantford is amazing! You'll be happy to know we're some of the best fed missionaries in the mission, and now that there are sisters in the area the ward is extra excited to have us so we're SUPER booked up. It's great! And the members are being so good with referrals, Sister Sorensen asks everyone who we can go see about 2 minutes into the conversation and most members have a name for us. I love when you call in to report numbers and your district leader say "How on Earth did you contact so many referrals ?" Sister Sorensen asked if that was a lot for a week and I lied and said no that's normal, expect that many every week haha.

Only upside to getting transferred again will be white washing again, I've been having so much fun this week, I love being fresh in an area. And you're so busy trying to get a hold on the area you have no time to be distracted, lazy, or anything. Although they are splitting the area this transfer (the official verdict is "we aren't sure yet what we'll do" but we met with President Olsen from the mission presidency and he said he and President Scott have known for a few weeks that they're for sure splitting it), so maybe they'll just move me to the upper half of the city and have Sister Sorensen take over the bottom half. We're both fans of this plan so we could help each other out.

We were told coming in we had a lot of investigators, but we haven't been able to get a hold of any yet. But they also left us a sweet stack of potentials and we have several appointments for the upcoming week, including 2 tonight. The one family we have been able to see so far is SO cute, it's The Miracle girls. 2 11-year old twins and a 9 year old, they're too sweet. Their dad is a member, they're parents aren't and aren't really excited about the idea of them being baptized, so we're going to work on seeing how we can change that because they have amazing simple testimonies.

Other than that it's been a lot of paper work, a lot of finding, a lot of meeting people. It's been so good!

And I would love to apply for EFY, I dread thinking about coming home and having nothing to do. I'll email President Scott and ask today. I loved this- "Please wait until you come home from your mission to attend an interview." DUUUHHHH hahaha!Also, before you pack it up lol, will you find the instructions I left about applying for my classes for next semester? I don't remember when you need to start emailing people and telling them I still want my spot in my program....

You'll be happy to hear I saw ANOTHER mission doctor about my tummy today and may finally be getting cured :) well not cured but he said the symptoms should be gone in a week, and then it's 6 more weeks of meds to keep it that way. So I'll start that next week and may finally be rid of my stomach issues!

Here's my miracle story for the week: So we had an appointment with a less active one night but when we went by there was only her daughter home and she said she wasn't there. So we parked somewhere, picked a street to go tracting on instead, and then started driving over there. We drove past the less active's home again and there was now a car in the drive way, so we realized we must have missed her by like 5 minutes. So we called to make sure that was actually her and see if we could some back, but the phone would NOT connect to open the contacts for like 5 minutes. So finally it did, so we started to call, and the phone randomly shut off. It was so weird, so we decided we weren't supposed to call so let's just go tracting. So we pulled up on the street and got out of the car, and there was a woman shoveling her driveway that we started talking to- Christian but no denomination, and totally open to us coming and teaching her whole family! So that's one of our appointment tonight, we're really excited. She was the first person we talked to who was interested, so as we walked away Sister Sorensen did this tiny little fist pump and whispered "YESSS!" Haha too cute.

I think that's everything...I guess don't really send things to the apartment this transfer, letters are probably okay for a week or 2 but it may be best to play it safe and send it to the office. Love to everyone! Have a good week! High five Brittany for me and tell her way to shock people. My roomies in the MTC were going there I think so I can teach her what I do know... "WO-man! Mega Run!" No idea who to spell it or what it means, but they practiced saying those 2 things for like an hour one day haha. Have a great week!

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