Monday, March 11, 2013

Inspiration, not ignorance!


Things continue to go well, those as usual not as I would have it go. But generally that works out best anyways.  For example, we're still sharing the car but S. Von Niederhausern and I also now have bus passes. One of the first time we used them we got on the bus and then our appointment called and cancelled. Instead of just getting off though we decided to just ride the bus full circle and talk to people, because I struggle at that turns out so I wanted to practice so we can start finding on the bus. SO I talked to this guy for a good 10 minutes and end up setting up an appointment with him. I was all happy, and thaen he asked where we were getting off. I told him out stop and he smiled and said "You're on the wrong bus." Turns out the buses don't just drive one route, everytime they go through the transit station they switch what bus they are. Fail. But we got a sweet contact so I'm going to call it inspiration, not ignorance!

We found 2 new investigators this week. One is this hilarious Danish woman who was really excited to meet a Jensen, she immediately asked if I was Dansih. I told her my dad lived there for 2 years and she was just tickled pink, she descibed where it was so I could ask if he lived there but I can't remember it at all. U-something. She loves everything we share, the hardest part will just be helping her undstand that she's not too old to do anything about it like she claims she is. The other is AWESOME, she's a member referal and she sat us down and told us "You're here because I want to be closer to God, so I want you to teach me about your beliefs and I want to read the Book of Mormon and pary about everything I learn, and then decide if I think it's true and should be baptized." Um, perfect. That's what we were going to tell YOU we wanted you to do! We're really excited about her, she didn't set a baptismal date but said she wants to read the whole Book of Mormon by May instead.

They changed the email rule! I can email anyone I want! HUZZAH! Email time just doubled haha.

I loved all the pictures I got emailed this week, looks like yall have been having a fun time!! And that's nuts the house is basically sold and gone, wowzers....Hope all goes well with the inspection! Make sure you email the office about the move, they're probably going to be planning flights and stuff soon.....

My address is:
15 Sympatica Cres. #412
Brantford, ON
N3T 1P6

Packages and letters are always welcome :) And it's never too late to send me new clothes. Never.


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