Monday, March 4, 2013

A finding week

Dear family-

Good to hear you finally got the house up! Keep me posted about when it sells and when you find a house in Utah. 

Splitting the area has been nutty, sharing a car keeps things interesting haha the first couple of days all 4 of us lived in the house together, which was so much fun but so disorganized. We're now in our new apartment, we have matresses and dishes and that's it! I think we're supposed to get furniture this week.....
My new companion is Sister Von Niederhausern, which I'm so proud I can now pronounce and spell. My first couple of mdays a good chunk of my prayers were dedicated to asking for help saying her name and practicing lol she's from Logan Utah and went to USU to study social work as well! So we get along dang well! She's 20, and Sister Sorensen's companion Sister Wise is 19 and also from Utah. So our little quad is three 20 year olds from Utah and me hahaha! I keep finding out all of Sister Von Niederhausern's secret talents- she's a black belt in karate, a singer, plays piano, dances, and on and on. She may be one of the coolest people I know.

I don't know what to email about....I feel like my emails get progressively worse each week.
All of our investigators went to the south end, so it's mostly been a finding week. It's fun finding with a new missionary because we'll do something for a while and then she'll say "So...have you ever actually had any success doing this?" So I get to tell her all my mission stories to try to build her faith in finding. I love it.

This week at church was really rewarding, we have 5 less actives we've been working with come out and 2 of my investigators that are now in the south end. Now we just got to get some of our own people to bring.
I can't believe it's spring break. We have had so much nasty wet slushy snow this week. Jealous!

Yesterday in studies I found something that blew my mind- go read 2 Nephi 1:23-25. Don't look at the context of the verses, just read those and think about who "your brother" would be symbolic of. Then read 28-29 with that mind set as well. Cool eh? I love the Book of Mormon, I will never get over how much it teaches about Christ.

Whelp.....I think that's pretty much my whole life right now. Love to all!

Pictures of the week:

Check out my sweet family tree: 
my 4 babies, 5 out of my 7 grandbabies, and my great grandbaby

Sister Von Niederhausern and I

 Me and the sisters in front of the house

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