Monday, May 13, 2013

Last email ever apparently

Long time, no chat :) P-day just got moved next week because of the holiday, so I think this is it for me, last p-day. And my last email is one of those awkward emails where I just talked to you yesterday so no one emailed me and I have nothing new to say hahaha sorry bout that.... Well, this was a really good week! Tina's kids started sitting in on the lessons, which we're so excited about. Mikey is 11 and he's very hesitant about it all because his mom (Tina's his step-mom) is Native and so he agrees with Native beliefs, but he listened closely and had great questions and took it all really well. Tatum, the 7 year old, loves everything we share and eats it all up. Her mom is already starting to try to prepare her to be baptized when she turns 8 in November. She had the best questions about the plan of Salvation as well, like "So in the Spirit World when people from the Spirit Paradise come teach people in Spirit Prison about the gospel, are like the king and queen of the Spirit Prison mad at the missionaries and try to kick them out and keep people from leaving?" and "If we die, and the body goes to the ground, and the spirit moves on, and the bury the person, but then in a few hours the spirit comes back and the person isn't dead, then what? Would you like go to jail for pretending to be dead or would they for burying someone not dead?" and "So if you take your insides, like let's say you die and we put your lungs in someone else, do they get part of your spirit in them too? How do they have 2 spirits in one body if that happens?" HAHAHA! She really did make me think though about the Spirit Prison, if people don't want others to accept the gospel and try to convince people to stay. After all, we have our same spirits, and you can see that happening all the time on Earth. Not sure...But we explained there's no king and queen of the spirit world, as far as I've heard hahaha. We had exchanges with the Hermanas, like I told you. It was pretty hilarious because Sister Fisher freaked everyone out that she saw because they all thought I'd gone home and they'd missed me haha bonus is now we have a hundred meal appointments this week because everyone wants to say bye. Going to Kitchener was really fun, it's different working in a big city. Sister Fisher and I have some insanely high goals this week and are so excited about them. We're gonna triple our member present lessons from last week! My mission president told me one week his last transfer he and his companion set high goals and tried to do everything because there was nothing to lose, and I've been trying to take that to heart and just go for things and try things without worrying about failing. Faith is the opposite of fear, and faith yields miracles, so I'm going to just throw my fear out the window and have a miraculous week. Love you all. So good to talk to you all yesterday! I'll talk to ya real soon :)

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