Monday, May 6, 2013

Stake Conference and Sunshine

Sorry, I have like 5 minutes to write today. But i'll skype with ya in less than a week, so I'm not feeling too guilty.

This week was stake conference, which was awesome because it was 100% about missionary work. We all had to sit on the stand and sing the first verse of called to serve, then the RMs joined in the second, then everyone sang the whole song again together. The Stake President challenged everyone to set a date to introduce someone to the gospel, so we now have an excuse to ask every single member what their date is and how we can help them. YES!

Oh Mom, remind me sometime to tell you about Sister Scott's talk about thoughts at zone conference. It goes so perfect with what you said. Basically she told us we completely control our thoughts and need to have only faith filled thoughts so our minds become a holy place. She read a TON of scriptures about it and told us to read Alma 36 and just pay attention to the role of thoughts, which was awesome to do.
Tina may be perfect, seriously. ADORE HER. She basically bore her testimony to us about everything this week and always says "I just want to get baptized!!" Her 7 year old daughter Tatum is becoming my best friend too, love her too stinking much. She sits by me every time we come over and drew me this GIANT picture.

We set a baptismal date with one of the part member families we've been teaching, Nick. It was a hilarious lesson because he's so scientific so he answers everything different. We taught the plan of salvation and Sister Fisher asked "which sounds like where you'd want to live, the sun, the moon, or the stars?" We got a mini lecture on how the stars are the best answer because of their warmth and brightness and variety, and then he said "the moon is just a mystery to me..." Which rather than address we completely ignored and moved on. We asked him to say the closing prayer, and at first he didn't want to but he agreed and said "Saying it out loud is probably good anyways because of the vibrations in the air. The universe knows our language, you know, so the universe responds to positive words...." ....Okay....whatever works...?

It was kind of a weird week with all the meetings, but so good. IT'S FINALLY WARM. I got a sunburn and everything :) I'm dying over the amazing spring they get here, the dandylions are my favoite thing and as Sister Fisher says "the trees are growing hair! they aren't bald!" hahaha

Love you all! Talk to you on Sunday!

PS--I forgot the best story!

So turns out, my companions LOVE me.

I got my travel plans at zone training this Friday, and Sister Sorensen teases me EVERY DAY by telling me how long I have left. So she wanted to see my travel plans and took them and read them pretty much before I did. So I turned around for a second to talk to someone, and then turn back to find her staring at me BAWLING. She just cried and said "I can't believe you're going home! You can't go home! I can't serve without you!" HAHAHAHA it was so unexpected I could not stop laughing at her. Ever since she sits by me in everything and has basically made herself my companion again lol poor thing. Love her.

Anyways, have a grand week!

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