Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So I just went to put my sd card into the computer to send you pictures...and turns out I'm sitting at the only computer in the library without a slot for it. Ruuuudepants! Guess I'll write this and then switch computers.
My Christmas was great, like I told you we were at the Tymczuks for dinner. Turns out a traditional Canadian Christmas meal is basically Thanksgiving, it was pretty delicious. And they had crackers too (the toy not the food), giant ones that looked like nutcrackers. So it wasn't much like our normal Christmas but it was super fun! They gave Sister Tuisku and I these giant chocolate eggs called Kinder Surprises, their daughter was horrified I had never had one before. You squeeze it and it pops open and there's a toy in it. I got this game where Tom and Jerry race to touch a fish, it's basically the dumbest game ever which probably means I'll play it for like 2 hours today. (Megan Hurst and I once got these toys out of a cereal box that we were obsessed with for like a week, I'm pretty easily entertained.) Sister Tuisku got this sweet water glider that we made up gospel analogies for so we have an excuse to take it to apoointments and play with it.
This week was awesome because like I said we got another investigator! Chris is brilliant, I have no idea what we're going to teach him, but he's really cool. He never believed in God but it bothered him that humans have always believed in God because he thought it made no sense, and then he had an experience about 5 months ago where he came to believe in God. Now he's struggling with what to do with this new knowledge and so he's opening up to us, it's been really interesting. We want him to come to church so bad, he's just going to eat this gospel up!
We also have another almost investigator. Her name is Lynda and when we knocked on the door she said we mst be a sign from God because she hasn't heard from missionaries in over 2 years and we came the night she was in a huge crisis. She was on the phone with her sister who's a member and just told her she didn't know what to do when we knocked. We didn't know any of this, we just found her address in the area book, so she was blown away. We've met with her twice and she said she knows it's time for her to read the Book of Mormon and find out for herself, so we're really excited. We just need to make an appointment with her, she's super busy and so she never knows her schedule well enough to tell us when to come back. So we're praying that we can meet with her again this week, and then we can have the miracle of going from no investigators at church last week to having 3!
Steve's doing great, he has alot of interesting questions every time we meet because he hears all kinds of different religious opinions from his roommates. But he's reading and progressing, we just need him to come to church! We've moved his baptismal date back to the end of January so he can quit smoking and have more time to learn.
So that's basically everything here! We're just trying to keep kinding the people here who are ready to be taught, it's become pretty clear that despite the first impression of Owen Sound this is a place with aLOT of people who are ready for us!
With all 3 of the people we've met with we've ended up sharing the vision of the tree of life with them, and this week has just made the love I have for that chapter even stronger. That metaphor is so perfect, it clicks to everyone! And you can see it coming true all over, I was reading 3 Nephi 1 where the nonbelievers are going to put to death everyone waiting for the sign of Christ's birth, and I realized it's a PERFECT example of the great and spacious building! There's this group of vain, worldly people making a great up roar and fighting against the lamb of god, just like in 1 Nephi 11. It follows the description of the building and the people in it exactly. Then the sign is given and just like in 1 Nephi 11 the building falls- people fall to the ground and realize their iniquities and pride in doubting the prophets and their plan of destruction is ruined. I love seeing examples where they most evil plans of Satan just crumble when the power of God is revealed, you also see it when Alma and Amulek are imprisoned and mocked and beat for days. The when the time is right they're granted to the power to break their bonds and stand free, and the prison tumbles and destroys all their captors. The powers of evil in this world can seem so strong and overwhelming, but when compared with the Lord's power is almost a joke, it can't even compete! I'm so grateful to be built on the rock of Christ and not on a foundation of nothing like the great and spacious building.
Well, I hope everyone has a great week! Have fun in Utah, give everyone huge hugs from me! Love you all!

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