Monday, February 27, 2012

It's incredible to see how the Lord works

Dear Houston,

So I realized with my transfer news last week, I didn't tell you anything about the changes in Owen Sound! Apparently they're pretty historic, so here's the deal for y'all to be jealous of my exiting historic mission! They rearranged the stakes here and created a new Barrie Stake. It's interesting, because they changed 4 stakes...and ended up with four stakes. The area authority who was explaining said the felt like it was shuffling deck chairs on the titanic, but that's what they and the first presidency felt prompted to do so they did it. I guess the members here have been talking about the day the Barrie stake would be formed for about 20 years now, so everyone was really excited. The stake conference they announced it at was awesome, they explained the new boundaries and then had various members either being released from or receiving a stake conference bare their testimony. Our bishop was called to be the new 2nd counselor for the Barrie Stake, and gave an amazing testimony about how the Lord makes us able to serve the callings we're given. The spirit was so strong, I loved it, and it made me even more excited for general conference in March! 
This also means I'm in the new Barrie Zone and in a new district, which has been fun. Along with keeping my tradition of international companions, I also seem to be setting a trend of always having an Elder from my MTC district in my district- I had Elder Jensen the last 2 transfers, and now I'm with Elder Kenning! Of course, this means we have an even longer drive to district meeting- instead of an hour to an hour and a half, we now have 2 or 2 and a half hours to drive! At first they said we'd only be able to go once a month, but we got permission to continue going every other week.
This week has been pretty exciting to see things happen. You can tell Sister Arnold and I are the ones who are supposed to be here this transfer, because all the people Sister Tuisku and I felt strongly about but have been trying for weeks to get a hold with no success suddenly became available and we've been able to see! It's incredible to see how the Lord works, it's so clear that this is His work and NOT ours- if we ever plan to teach something that He wouldn't have us teach or bring members who aren't supposed to be there, appointments fall thru until we admit that we're not listening to prompting and change our plans- then we start seeing them again. And now, when we were trying so hard to see people before we got split up we failed, but now that Sister Arnold and I are working to contact it manages to happen. It's just reaffirmed to me that we have so little to do with this work, it will go on with or without us, but when we strive to remain worthy of and listen to the spirit we're allowed to assist in the work.
And Melissa, I feel your pain about showing an area, I have gotten lost several times while trying to direct Sister Arnold. I really got used to just letting Sister Tuisku drive and zone out thinking about things and I'm now regretting it because I'm back to staring at maps trying to remember where everyone lives.
I had the most embarrassing moment so far of my mission! We were walking down a street towards this couple, so we stopped them to OYM (already this most awkward thing in the world, right?) and I took a step back so we wouldn't be too creepy and stand in their bubble. So right as I'm explaining that we're missionaries, I step on ice and just eat it! I landed flat on my butt and this couple just stared at me, I probably looked like a lunatic. Sister Arnold tried to save the conversation but there was no way. And then we had to go OYM someone else who had obviously watched the whole thing go down- epic fail. Now one of my investigators has been lecturing me on how to take care of the sore wrist I caught myself on and I feel like Dad is here in Owen Sound, so that part is actually pretty fun.
Well, glad all is well. Sister Arnold has a pretty back track record of her companions having family crisises while she was assigned to them, so be extra careful for the next 6 weeks please. Especially avoid horses it sounds like. Love you all and will talk to you in a week!

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