Monday, February 20, 2012

Transfer town, Canada . . . .

Hello America! Greetings from the great city of......OWEN SOUND! No, I wasn't transferred, but Sister Tuisku was sent to Brampton for her last transfer so I am now here with fantastic Sister Arnold, from Australia and England so I'm keeping my international companions going. Yesterday was crazy because they combined transfer day and p-day because of Family Day on Monday. So we woke up at 5, because Sister Tuisku had no time to pack the day before, left Owen Sound at 7, arrived at the Brampton Stake Center at 10 where Sister Tuisku promptly left with her new companion and I waited for the 11:00 transfer van with Sister Arnold on it, then we made a trip to the mission office and got lunch and hit the road. We got back to Owen Sound around 4, had time to do laundry and plan out our night, and at 6 p-day ended and we went back to work. So this is probably the most exhausted I've ever felt, which is probably pretty sad to say only a few months in.

It's super weird how fast you love new companions! Sister Arnold has been out the same amount of time Sister Tuisku had when we were put together and is a total pro. She was in her last area for 8 months, this is only the 3rd place she's served, and she's been with every one of her companions for 2 transfers so I think I'm going to be in Owen Sound a while longer! Whoo hoo! It's also super weird being the young, junior companion and yet at the same time being the old companion from the area. It's good for me because anytime I didn't really know what to do I would just rely on Sister Tuisku to decide things and I can't let myself do that anymore because Sister Arnold doesn't know the people yet. So while thankfully my prayers were answered and I'm not training (hopefully that will be pushed off another year), I am being forced again out of my comfort zone- which is super good for me.

 Family Day was really fun, we dropped by a few of the less actives we were close with so Sister Tuisku could say good bye and share a last message. It was cool because she was extra bold and everyone was extra willing to agree to do things since it was her last day, so the Spirit was so powerful the whole day. We had dinner was a less active woman who's husband is in the Philippines, we called and asked when would be a good time and she said "Come over for pizza Monday night, you girls can be my family!" It was super cute, she's so sweet. No mom, I was not served any cookies or hot chocolate, though I was offered ginger ale in every home I think. Ginger ale seems to be the soda of choice in Canada (yes, everyone drinks Canada Dry) and I've never craved ginger ale EVER in my life but since coming to Canada I honestly want it all the time...super weird... Also good that I like it, because the other popular drink is Pepsi....

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Mom have fun in Chicago, that is sweet! How do you have the best job ever? Hope everyone in the ward is doing well, I get letters and emails occasionally from members and it's always a super sweet surprise. Also, thanks to the Stays for the hugs and kisses package, so cute!! I'm looking forward to it being warm enough to wear the cute new scarves :) Hope Grandma Jensen continues to improve, as always you're in my prayers. Love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

New favorite scripture: 3 Nephi 17: 20....Our Lord's joy is our faith, and what better way to exercise faith in Him and His gospel then by sharing it with others?

Sister Tuisku and I at the Tornoto Temple right next to the stake center where we had transfers
My new companion Sister Arnold
 Love my city!
I've wanted to take pictures with this sign since the first day we came to Owen sound.

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