Monday, February 13, 2012

A week of visiting members

Hello my fabulous family! First of all, I think there's been some confusion about mail, so real quick...

-Mom I got you Valentine’s Day package this morning and it's AWESOME!! I read the customs description before opening it and promised Sister Tuisku we'd give all the candy and cookies away and not eat anything, but then when I saw it was dove and lifesaver mints and girl scout cookies I reneged and told her we're eating all of it! You always put together awesome boxes, I love the sweater and JB cards :) (Justin Bieber Valentine cards) And the stationary had perfect timing, I was planning on buying cute paper and stuff today! Did Erin add in the glowsticks? It seems like something she would do, too fun! I love the family history folder Dad, I'm going to keep my pedigree chart and patriarchal blessing with it. Thank you all! And thanks for sending me those pictures of Erin, they're AWESOME.

-Megan Hanlon, I did NOT lose your letter with the ring in it, no worries! I sent a reply letter, hopefully you get it soon, but I've also gotten your letter where you resent your blog, so I'll send you another letter too.

-Megan Hurst I'm so sorry I haven't been getting any of your emails! :( but I got the package and various letters from Megan, Shannon, and Madison, I love y’all, thank you! The homemade cards and JB valentines made me just about pee myself laughing, I loved them! And that President Monson block is too cute, thanks :)

-Carly I got you letter as well, thanks! Love you and I'll write you soon!
I think that's everything, thanks for all the love :)

This week was really good, it was a week of visiting members. One of the most memorable visits was to a family in our ward who is building their own underground house so inside it looks like a normal home but the outside it looks like a hobbit house in middle earth, it's built right into a hill and all you see is the garage and front door! They've been working on it for about 10 years and still aren't totally finished, but she said they love it. Her only complaint is that sometimes they have ants chew through the ceiling and they're still trying to figure out how to stop that. We got to sign the house on parts that are unfinished, the walls are COVERED with signatures and messages. It was weird to see the names of Elders that are all over the area book on her wall. But Sister Jensen from Houston Texas will forever be a part of that house :) It was also memorable because she told us about her conversion story, and said something I loved. She talked about Elders that visited her about 5 years before she started investigating the church, they left her a pamphlet but that was about all. She said she wish they knew that she eventually joined the church and they played a part in that even though to them it seemed like just another rejection while tracting. Pretty cool to be reminded of the roles we often play and don't realize, she could name 6 encounters she had with church members before she actually started investigating the church.

Cool thought for the week- we were talking to a man who asked us what we thought the universal language was when we die. Sister Tuisku said she had no idea, but she did know there was a universal language the Lord uses and that's the Holy Ghost. Later that day a member from Chile was telling us about a time she walked into a barn and heard a voice in her head say GET OUT, so she immediately turned around a left. About 30 seconds later, a huge beam fell where she was standing. Then she said "You know what's interesting though? It was like hearing a voice, but I've thought about that experience over and over and cannot tell if I heard it in Spanish or English. It was just a communication I knew!" I don't know how the Holy Ghost works exactly, but it's amazing that it can communicate with everyone, no matter what language, country, race, nationality, or anything. It reminded me of one of my roommates in the MTC talking about how she loved how praying in Spanish was praying to the same God as praying in English, she felt totally different but it had the same power and same Spirit to it.

The weather continues to be crazy. We had 3 days of spring, to the point flowers were starting to grow again, and then we were hit with 3 days of snow so now I have to kick the car door open if we park by a curb because the snow is so deep and heavy. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. We have a new investigator, Harmony. She's the daughter of an inactive member and is super sweet, so we're really excited about that. We're praying for some more investigators soon, because we don't see Marlene often and so are really just teaching 2 people right now. But we're so grateful we have that many!

Love you all, hope you have a great week and a good Valentine’s Day!
Photos of the week:

 Proof that I can shovel snow!

With our fantastic ward mission leader & missionary, who were both released this Sunday :(

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