Monday, May 7, 2012

I want to be a Harvester!

Thank you for that story mom, I love hearing about people who finally make it! My companions have been laughing at me because I told them I hate being a seed planter- I want to be a harvester and see results, which I realize that probably means everyone I teach will take 20 years to join because I need to learn patience. So it's inspiring to hear when that happens to people! We went over to a member's home and she told us about the best conversion story ever- seriously, it's so good that President Monson wrote it in one of his books "Pathways to Perfection", and we were told it at the MTC, but she gave us way juicer details! So for 20 years they had a neighbor who kept sending missionaries to their house over and over again, and he told them everytime no way not interested. So one time he sent them off with some rude comment about how they can't tell him Jospeh Smith was a prophet and slammed the door. They started walking off, and one of the missionaries stopped and said they needed to go back and bear their testimony. So they do and then leave, and her dad was left with the words ringing in his ears and he couldn't sleep that night thinking about it. About a week later the whole family was baptized. So I agree- never ever ever ever ever ever give up. Winston Churchill said that. I think. (Name that movie.)
Glad Joe made it home alright, now you can all sit around and wait for me to call you on Sunday! I think I'm going to end up calling at 6:30, 5:30 your time, but it's possible it will be an hour earlier- if it is I'll call the house phone before hand and tell you to get on skype. Hopefully I remember all the log in information.... So Sunday will be crazy, because on Sunday Kathy is being baptized! She's so excited, it's awesome to see. But it's a little tricky because it's mother's day, which we didn't think about at all when we set that date but now we have to make sure people can actually stay for the baptism and do things and support her. But we know for sure we'll have priesthood holders to baptize and witness, so that's really all we need.  Btw, I stalked and looked for all of you (President Scott has asked us to use the site more in our teaching, so we're asked to spend 30 minutes on it every week to get to know it better) and only found Melissa. So make profiles so I can stalk or! Or make it easier for me to find if you already have one.
I think that's about it. I guess if I forgot anything I was dying to tell you I can just say it on Sunday :) Love you all! Have a fantastic week!
--Oh, and we get transfer calls on Sunday. Crazy day! I can't believe anopther transfer has already gone by! Love you!

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