Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ouch Charlie!

Opps, I did it again and didn't get a ltter to Rachel before she wrote on her p-day.  In my defence, I was told earlier last week that Monday, may 14 was a holiday to celebrate the Queen's birthday and nto to expect an email until Tuesday.  But when I sat down to write to Rachel on Monday, I discovered that she had already written and now thought we just didn't write because we had spoken to her the night before.  Made this mama sad!  Who knew you couldn't trust the office elders when it came to Canadian holidays? ~Rachel's Mom

Oh, that after phone call day burn when no one writes me an email...... I tried to put it off by sending pictures in hope I'd get a late one, but alas!
But that's cool, because I have lots of things I didn't tell you yesterday that I can write about.
Like how Kathy's baptism was almost cancelled! Sister Casner and I got to the chapel at 8 for ward council but turns out it was canceled, so we were like that's okay we'll just go clean the font. And that's when we found out the font was clogged because our building is under construction for the expansion and they had switched the septic tanks or something, so there's like 3 inches of dirty water in the font and the drain was unplugged. So we called some people and tried plunging it and nothing was working, and everyone kept saying we could either go to Coburg (which wouldn't work because it was mother's day so no one would want to go and Kathy doesn't drive so we wouldn't be able to get here there) or move it to another week, which broke our hearts. Finally Sister Casner asked someone why we couldn't just bail the water out- so we spent half an hour bail out the water with small bathroom trash cans and a dust pan and then mopping the font. It was kind of hilarious once we weren't terrified it was going to be postponed. Then the baptism was amazing, the spirit was so so strong! Although I kept having random moments of panic where I was convinced Kathy was about to change her mind and leave and never speak to us again, up until even AFTER she was baptized! It took two tries and I was thinking, ahhh she's embarrassed, we warned her it might happen but she's going to hate us- and then she turned around and came out of the font just beaming and I was like what is wrong with me?? Chillax Sister Jensen! Sister Casner laughed so hard when I told her about it, hopefully I'm not that paranoid every time someone's baptized.
Oh, btw, I'm not transferred! 6 more weeks in B-ville! Which means I get to teach this amazing boy, Josh. He's 11 years old and lives with his aunt and uncle, who are members. He wants so bad to learn about the church but his mom won't let him so he just listens through cracks in doors when missionaries and home teachers and such are over. He does go to church, but he's been begging his parents to be baptized and they keep saying no- I know, so so sad! BUT this week he officially got permission from his mom to be baptized! We saw him and he immediately came and told us and asked when he can start the lessons, so cute. So i think next week we're going to start teaching him. He's going to be our miracle this transfer!
Sister Casner was so sad she didn't get to talk to you guys more, it's actually kind of hilarious- she said that when the member who's house we were at asked her to come eat dessert while we were talking she felt like half of her phone call was stolen away, she keeps asking me what I told y'all about her haha.
Yeah, that's about it. It was awesome to see your faces yesterday! Hope you have a good week! Love you!

Pictures of the week:  Kathy's Baptism

Kathy's program

Me, trying to plunge the font

The bugs we scooped out of the font
- the centipede was my least favorite, sister casner's was the spider that was still alive!

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