Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things are still fantastic here in Bowmanville.

First of all, I didn't forget memorial day because I'm Canadian. I forgot memorial day because I always forget memorial day. I was a terrible American even before I was Canadian!

Glad to hear everyone's keeping busy and out of trouble. I'm looking forward to graduation pics Erin! Before I forget Mom, I have been putting the ensigns you sent me to good use so thank you. One of our former investigators had surgery so we dropped by to see how she was, and she said she was going crazy just reading newspaper ads because she was bored. So we brought her some a few ensigns to read, it was perfect. She appreciated them a lot, and she came back to church this weekend for the first time in months so hopefully the Spirit is touching her and helping her to be ready to learn again.

Sorry to hear about Brother Reeves, Sister Reeves is definitely in my prayers.

Glad to hear you had a cool sacrament meeting! Tell Erin I'm making her take me to the hospital every single time and I'm waiting till the last possible second ;) Buuuuuut I do have to claim my Sunday was better, we had a country wide stake conference broadcast this weekend from Salt Lake. Elder Walker of the 70, Sister Stephens from the General RS Presidency, Elder Christofferson, and President Packer spoke. Basically, the themes were: Focus on the temple, focus on Christ, focus on service, and focus on the Spirit. I loved that, because if you're really doing any of those things you'll be doing all of them! One of my favorite quote was from Elder Christofferson, he said "Service is not something we endure so that we can achieve the celestial kingdom, but rather service is the very fiber of an exalted life." Fits right with what you were saying mom, about not becoming too busy to remember to serve those around you. We talked with someone this week who said there's a lot you have to do in the church and that it's too hard and too much of a commitment. Afterwards we were talking about how the church seems hard if it's something that separate from you, but when the gospel is part of your life and part of you it's natural and stops being a long list of things you can and can't do, and just becomes life. Service so often is something we have to make time for and can seem to big of a sacrifice, but when it's who we are and what we do, it stops being something we have to find time to do and we naturally do service. And when we have a service centered life, we have a Christ based, temple centered, Spirit filled life. I love that!

Things are still fantastic here in Bowmanville. Sister Casner and I are a LOT better, after a few days our drugs started really kicking in. Sister Casner told me "I feel so weird in the morning," so I asked if she was sick and she said "No, that's the thing. I have energy to get out of bed, it's the weirdest feeling!" So we're glad to be working a full 7 days a week again. Kathleen and Josh are doing awesome, both are really excited about being baptized in a few weeks. And Kathy is being confirmed this coming Sunday- for several unexpected reasons we keep postponing it a week, but we're excited she'll finally actually be confirmed. I may start pushing for Saturday baptisms after this so we don't have to wait so long for the confirmation in church, the anticipation is a little much.

The weather has been AMAZING, it's been high 20s all week. Sister Casner has been dying in the humidity, but it finally feels about how it feels February/March in Texas so I'm stoked. I'm going to enjoy the next 3 months sooooo much!

That's pretty much my entire life right now. Love you all!

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