Monday, July 16, 2012

Busiest week everrr!

Dear familia,

This letter has potential to be super lame, because so much happened but I feel like I have nothing worth writing about. So we'll see how this goes.

Busiest week everrr! We had 6 hours of church on Sunday, because Ashleagh is YSA age and we began teaching her boyfriend as well this week. Problem is that they're in different ward boundaries so they can't go to the same ward like they want to, so we took ashleagh to Bowmanville ward and then went with her to meet Josh at YSA. YSA was an...interesting experience as a missionary. I'm so glad I'm in a family ward. Worth it though, because they both really enjoyed it and are both working towards being baptized on the 29th. (Coordinating details with YSA ward for that is already exhausting haha.)

We also started teaching someone named Jeff this week, who Sister Williams and I LOVE so much! We tracted into him last Saturday, and we met with him 4 times this week and he came to church. He is one of the most sincere people I've ever met, Sister Williams and I now set goals to go out and find so many new Jeffs each day. He really put off making any solid commitments at first, but the more he learns the more he wants to act. We taught him the word of wisdom and he wouldn't promise anything about living it or not, but when we went by last night he pulled out all the herbal teas he bought to make sure they were allowed. Love him! He also set a baptism date, he kept saying he'd been baptized before so he'd have to learn alot more before agreeing to be baptized again but we talked about how we wanted him to prepare and find answers as well and he agreed that he'd set a goal of baptism on a specific date and try to find out his answer by then. I think he thinks that's some special deal he came up with, and has no idea that's what we invited everyone to do that we challenge to baptism haha. He's seriously the best type of human. ALSO, he gives us food all the time. He's British, and thankfully I taught Chris in Owen Sound who was British and taught me that it's rude to turn down every offer of hospitality like something to eat/drink/etc., so I accept when jeff offers us something. THANK YOU CHRIS, because Jeff gives us the best pies and lemon loafs ever, makes my day.

We had a surprise sisters exchange with an area outside of our zone, and guess who Sister Williams got to go serve with? Sister Beasley, my MTC companion! Crazy! Sister Jungert, who was partially trained by my companion Sister Arnold, came to work with me in Bowmanville. So it was a clash of all my mission memories. It was stankin fun.

Sister Williams is obsessed with Jui Jitsu like nobodys business! She is terrifying, it's so much fun except when she throws me she almost gives me a concussion. We really entertain the instructors.

I love that story you sent me Mom, it amazes me how the Lord uses us to answer people's prayers. And how he helps us to do so, He communicates so personally with us that he gives us feelings like a desire to spend more time with our family and manages to make that desire a blessing to not only you and your family but also those you come in contact with. CHESS MASTER.

Love you all, talk to you soon.

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