Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Lone Star

Hello Lone Star,

Glad to hear everything is good and normal. Hope work continues to rock for everyone. I'm waiting to hear that Mom and Dad decide to put in mission papers instead of job applications. And no Mom, I did not know that about Lauren, way cool! )I feel like I should put in a barbed comment about how she needs to write to me so I know, but I'm so behind on letters I guess I can't really harass anyone. Other than the fact that I KNOW they have time living in the land of endless p-days and I don't.)

I feel like it's been about a month since I wrote, I can barely remember the last week, which is funny because it was a shorter length between p-days than usual. My Independence Day was surprisingly awesome, it consisted of one of the most elaborate flag cakes I've ever seen (I'll send a picture) and belting out American pride songs with Sister MacDonald while all the Canadians in the room laughed and rolled their eyes.  Sister Williams now thinks I'm crazy but is really just jealous her country lacks so much pride.Everyone joined in the last chorus of God Bless America though, so they clearly felt the Spirit as well. Twas grand, though i agree, next year 4th of July in DC!!!!

Teaching Ashleagh has been great, she's working towards baptism at the end of the month. When I was told I was training I started praying really hard to see a baptism in the month of July for my trainee's sake, because it's such an amazing experience to see someone progress in the gospel and I wanted her to see that in Bowmanville the same way I've been able to, and I think Ashleagh was definitely an answer to that prayer. And her fiancee is considering baptism on the same day, so we may even surpass that original goal of mine! We're also teaching some really cool guys, one of whom we found tracting this week. Sister Williams HATES finding but we decided to tract for an hour before dinner and she suggested the street. We had a very unsuccessful half hour, and then knocked on Jeff's door. He immediately said he wasn't interested and wouldn't share anything about his beliefs but he stayed in the door so we kept chatting. After about 10 minutes he started asking about prophets so we were able to share our belief that God continues to call prophets today just as He always has, and shared the first vision. He didn't seemed too stirred by it, but then he started asking about what we believed happened after death because he'd seen a program years ago on Mormons and remembered there was something different about us. So we taught about the gospel continuing to be preached to people after they died and about the 3 degrees of glory, and he asked for the pamphlet and our number. We're going back next week and are really excited.

President Scott has been making some mission changes, including adding a new key indicator to track and changes the standards of excellence (basically mission wide goals). He said he wants to work towards every companionship hitting standards every week, and Sister Williams and I are really close to hitting them so I'm stoked. We should be seeing some cool stuff happening soon!
Sister Williams has the best talent ever- she brings the CRAZY out of everyone we meet! We have the most insane appointments ever since she came by. Dinner with the members have turned into nightly "gong shows" as she describes them. One of my favorite moments- we were reading the Book of Mormon to an elderly, less active woman and a nurse and her daughter came in freaking out about her lost teeth. The more upset they became, the HARDEr she laughed about having lost her teeth. Her daughter kept asking when she had them last, and she laughed. She told her she'd been digging through 10 bags of garbage, and she laughed. Finally, her daughter asked "How are you going to eat?" and fantastic Agnes said "I'll gum it" and laughed. We were dying of laughter but trying so hard not to because everyone was so distraught over it. I want to be Agnes when I grow up. We also had a dinner appointment with a part member family where a friend was over. The wife and friend were going off on the most awkward, random stories and the dad and sons kept giving Sister Williams looks and mocking them. I mentioned that Sister Williams had worked for Lululemon, this big expensive Canadian workout company, and the friend instantly went off on the reason she liked them is they make her butt look good and she picks up guys. We just stared at the floor avoiding eye contact. Funniest hour of my life, I want to photocopy Sister Williams' diary entries about all these crazy nights because they way she rants about them is unreal.

I want them to make a district video series about me just so all those moments can be captured on film. They wouldn't be able to use any of the footage, but I would but it from them.

Love you all!


At Lake Ontario. I really did NOT appreciate the great lakes before living in Canada!


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