Monday, July 30, 2012

Never been so busy teaching!

Hey family!

I'm writing this slowly in hope that I get an email from you half way through. This week ROCKED/was super sad. Sad part was Ashleagh moved back her baptism, and has gone a bit AWOL since then. But we're meeting with her tomorrow and will hopefully be able to get her back on track.

The awesome part was that our area is just taking off right now! We had a contest with our district leader to be the first to hit our goal for the number of lessons we taught with a member present, because we set the same goal, and we BLEW them out of the water and almost hit double our goal. So we'll be enjoying free McFlurries at district meeting this week :) and we hit the standards of excellence for the mission, which we've been working towards for a few weeks now, so it was an exciting week. I've never been so busy teaching in my mission, it's the best.

Yesterday was a crazy day, it was the Jensen and Williams show. We spoke in sacrament meeting, taught our gospel principles class, mingled and entertained during the ward potluck and cleaned up, ran home and tried to get a bit of companion study and training in, then headed off to Oshawa to sing at a baptism with our zone leaders, then went to a concert the YSA ward was putting on to again sing. It was not a good day to accidentally wear Sister Williams' name tag instead of mine....I got weird looks all day but no one said a peep until Sister Williams noticed at 8:30 at night! Ridiculous. But it was really fun, the girl who was baptized was this adorable YSA girl named Yan. She's from China and has only been here a little over a month. In her testimony afterwards she practiced the English the Elders have been teaching her by telling us she was "stoked" to be baptized and was "so pumped"! She was so cute, and when she talked about how because the missionaries taught her "how to prayer", she knows that God is real. The Spirit was strong, you could only understand some of what she was trying to say because her English is so limited but you could tell she believes so strongly in Jesus Christ and was so happy. It's been cool to meet so many people from China on my mission, including several missionaries, who have gone from not knowing anything about God to having such strong faith in him. Their testimonies are amazing, they're so inspiring! And Yan is a missionary machine, she was talking to everyone at the concert that evening. She was telling us excitedly afterwards that she met a Chinese couple and was able to bear her testimony to them. I'm going to try to steal her and bring her to Bowmanville.

Jeff and Christian and doing wonderful, they are as Sister Williams likes to say "of the golden variety" and "as white as anything, all ready to be harvested!" Jeff came to Yan's baptism and really enjoyed it, as well as the concert afterwards. Oh, and greatest thing ever, he wanted to give a Book of Mormon to his niece so we tabbed parts to read and wrote our testimonies in the front of one to give to her. He did, and gave us letters she wrote back. BEST THING EVER, she thanked us for what we wrote and said she was excited to read it to her little daughter. We're definitely going to get her in touch with missionaries in Toronto.

We also had someone named Brian come to church yet, we've never met with him so it was definitely bizarre. We didn't know anything about his religious background or faith or what he knew about us because we just OYMed him like 2 weeks ago and talked for like 2 minutes. We keep setting up times to see him and they keep falling through, but we invited him to church this weekend and he came! It was a good day to come too, because since it was the first Sunday with the new ward boundaries there was a big potluck afterwards, so if the Spirit doesn't draw him back the hope of food will! Just kidding, we're seeing him tonight and are really excited about him.

Well, that's all I got. Sorry I missed letters from you this week, I hope all is well. I'll talk to you next week, I'm excited to see what happens with transfers- it's the biggest transfer the mission has ever had, we have 25 new missionaries coming in and they keep warning us about being on time to travel locations and not packing more than the 2 bags limit. 3 members of my district go home, including my district leader and one of my zone leaders. (Actually 9 zone leaders are going home, and I think there are 11 zones. Wowzers!) So maybe I'll have lots of transfer news, or maybe not because they'll leave as many people in place that they can. Love you! Have a great week!

Photos of the week:

 Sisters Exchange with Sisters Beasley and Jungert!

P-day at the Oshawa beach!
 The whole group that came to play some intense beach volleyball

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