Monday, February 4, 2013

Another busy busy week of white wash miracles

Cioa bellas,

Wow, another busy busy week of white wash miracles.

Seriously, if President makes me white wash train every transfer for the rest of my mission I'll be totally happy. You're too busy to think about yourself, you have to be focus on just the ward and your companion, and you see crazy amounts of success. Basically it's all the best parts of missionary work multiplies.

We have 7 people we're teaching now. Our main investigator is Roger, this amazing sweet man who's actually been coming to church for about 2 months but somehow the Elders were never able to meet with him. He's friends with a member couple in the ward and wanted to change his life so he started coming to church. We invited him to be baptized and he told us he had a goal to do it in a month, which was the weekend we were going to commit him to so perfect! He may have to move it back a bit because he's living with his fiancee right now so it depends on when they're going to get married, but he's already made a ton of progress, including cutting his smoking down by half.

Remember that awesome finding miracle I wrote about last week, Suzanne? Well we taught her that night and she's crazy prepared, she's really busy but our next appointment she's going to bring her husband as well. It was Sister Sorensen's first lesson, and when we left she said "I feel like I'm getting pranked and I'm still in the MTC, she said things that are so perfect it was hard to remember this time it wasn't an actor!" Hahaha!
The last like 10 sets of Elders here left AWFUL records- Erin, tip for you mission, KEEP TEACHING RECORDS FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD- but they did leave a huge fatty stack of phone numbers from contacts that had, so we've been calling them (way more effective than hunting down interested people's numbers yourself). So far we have 1 new investigator from that and i think 4 more appointments this week. And, not that this should be a motivation, but it's also nice to do some finding from the warmth of your home. It has been COLD and SNOWY ever since Sister Sorensen came in, she brought that freezing Utah weather with her!

And the less active work here is almost out of control here, no wonder they're putting in more missionaries. We have at least 4 appointments every day this week, and we haven't even set one with all our investigators yet. GAH awesome but crazy!

So basically, I love this place :) and Sister Sorensen continues to prove to be amazing and adorable. She's so funny too, we were going to teach Roger a super brief law of chastity and word of wisdom so he could start working on those things, and she looked at me right before and said "YOU TEACH IT." So I was like, okay, I can, we forgot to role play it this morning so she's never practiced it, that's fair I guess. Then the time came and she taught both of them perfectly. Afterwards she apologized and said "I don't know what's wrong with me, I talk to much! Even when I don't want to talk about something and don't know how, I say it anyways just because I can't stay quiet!" Hahaha works for me, she's training herself. She also finds things most missionaries find annoying or disheartening hilarious. Like we talked to this teenager and he wasn't interested, so we asked if he knew anyone who was and he said "Try buildings Q and R, I don't know them very well but there's a rumor they're religious" and then immediately took off to his home to watch us from his window. I wasn't going to tell Sister Sorensen that was definitely a bogus referral, probably a prank on his friends, but then she turned to me and was like "Well that was a big old lie!" ut of course we went to contact them just in case- and of course both were not only not interested but close to the opposite. But she was just cracking up during the whole thing and afterwards was like "Props to him, that was quit thinking! He didn't even miss a beat! How funny!" It was be hard to get discouraged with her as a companion.
I can't believe I've been here 2 weeks already. Mind blown.
I don't know Sarah very well but I adore her mom, that's super exciting! And that's amazing Sophie's in the field- you'll have to watch her for me and see if she has to train immediately lol.

Hahaha I love little kids, you have the best calling ever. The button story KILLED me. I didn't know you taught with Bridget, that must be too fun.
Whelps, gotta mail the prez. By the way, he said I can apply for EFY so I'm going to start that next week. Any suggestions about what weeks or places to apply for? I may just do everywhere in utah for June and July and see what I get. LOVE YOU, have a great week!

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