Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm getting transferred.....?

Dear family, So I'm getting transfered, all the way up to Brantford North. I'm technically opening a new area...my own area...It's going to get weird. I'm really hoping though that means I get to finish out my mission in Brantford, because I really hate the idea of only being somewhere one transfer. I like to get my roots sunk in. But it's going to be SO FUN! Sister Sorensen and I will both be training, and for the first few days we're all going to live in the same house I'm in right now until March 1st when my companion and I can move into our new apartment. SO PARTY IN BRANTFORD!

So my next week will consist of trying to figure out who's now in which area, getting the new furniture and food and stuff for the new apartment, learning how to share a car, and still trying to actually find and teach people. I pity our poor new companions haha. Our district this next transfer will consist of: 4 elders (one of which has only been out 5 weeks and is still being trained), 3 sisters being trained, 2 sisters training who have only been out 5 weeks, and myself. But I'll give you a quick run down on the week and then we gotta jet and get ready for transfers.

 This week was SO GOOD. We're in love with our investigators. Too bad the all live in the south end and will be staying with Sister Sorensen! At least I'll get to go to all their baptisms, because we're teaching SO many solid people. We left so many appointments this week just beaming.

Paul is making so much progress, we see alot of missionaries who used to serve in this area and I was talking to some of them on Friday and they were shocked we were seeing him regularly. I guess alot of missionaries have tried but never gotten very far, but it's finally his time and he's doing so well. He's started reading the Book of Mormon on his own, which he said at first he wouldn't do he would just have his wife read to him, and he said the closing prayer at our last lesson when again he'd said he would never do that! Their family is too precious.

Shawn, who we met street contacting, has been surprisingly awesome! We had like a week between our first and second appointment, and in that time he read the 4 chapters we left about the plan of salvation, the introduction and testimonies, the first 15 chapters of Nephi, and the suggest readings at the back of the pamphlet we left. When we started his second lesson he said he didn't see himself coming to church or praying for several weeks, and at the end he said the prayer and said he wanted to rearrange his time he visits his son on Sundays so he can come to church. It was amazing!

It's been cool to see too how recently everything Sister Sorensen and I have studied in companion study and in district meetings we've been able to apply that day to our lessons and seen amazing progress from it. I love inspired studies :)

Love you all!

Pictures of the week:

SNOW DAY! This was a few weeks ago, it snowed all this in about 6 hours. It was so bad we weren't allowed to go outside, we spent all day going through the area book and going stir crazy. But of course we went out for a few pictures.

 We LOVED you valentines day box!

We went bowling as a zone this last p-day. 
Sister Sorensen did REALLY good. I did not. But it was too fun.

Elder Dewey had never bowled 10 pin before, they usually bowl 5 pin in Canada, but he was annoyingly good at it. 
Even when we bowled between our legs, I guttered and he got down like 8. Gah!

I thought you'd enjoy this- this is us with our zone leaders (and Sister Wester creeping in the background). Elder Silva and I are the same height, Sister Sorensen and Elder Lynn are the same height, but when standing on a ledge we're all the same height! Hahaha the first time I saw Elder Lynn and Silva standing next to each other I turned to Sister Sorensen and said "Is that what we look like?? That's hilarious!"   I forget I'm short sometimes.

The more pictures I send the more I realized I've told you nothing about my life this transfer.
After bowling on p-day we went on exchanges with Woodstock, so I got to spend the day with Sister Stats in Woodstock and Sister Wester came to Brantford for the day. It was SO FUN! First of all, that ward clearly still adores me- score. And I loved whenever we saw members it took between 45 seconds and 3 minutes before they realized I shouldn't be there hahaha. The first night we visited my recent convert, Robin, and the branch president dropped in by chance and did a huge double take on me. Secondly, Sister Stats is so cute and also openly adored me and just soaked in everything I said as  great advice because she was so nervous about potentially training this next trasnfer (she is btw). So it was just a day of feeding my pride. And I got to go teach Jessica, who we found literally 2 days before I left and who is close to being baptized, along with her 2 cousins. I loved it. And Sister Wester and Sister Sorensen had a crazy and hilarious day, so we spent the next 3 days swapping stories about how cute Sister Wester is.
Anyways, this is us exchanging back :)

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