Monday, April 8, 2013

God is a prankster

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you very much for answering my prayers- you're always really good at that. However, if I may make a suggestion, it would be cool if once it happened in a way that didn't make me die a little inside. Sheesh, you'd think you were trying to help me grow or something. When I asked for all those blessings and help, I really just wanted it to magically happen, not for you to create a situation where I could make it happen. Funny how often you do that to me.

I think the transfer call shouldn't have been so much of a surprise. I definitely had gotten promptings to prepare me for it, I was just happily chucking them out the window because I was so sure it would make no sense to get a transfer call my last transfer. But nothing is ever guaranteed on a mission.

I'm gonna miss Sister Von Niederhausern, she was a really fun companion and sending her all the way east to Kingston means I won't even see her at the next zone conference! But she's so excited about it I guess I can't complain. We're gonna spend today doing anything she wants to do and going to Kitchener for a last zone hurrah.

Being asked to train AGAIN, however, was quite the unpleasant shock! But after a long night of trying to figure out WHY ON EARTH you would have me start training another new sister for my last 6 weeks, I've come to terms with it and am actually excited. I love training, and it's always a great source of motivation to work hard and be better than I currently am, which is much needed at this point on my mission. I would have never guessed though that in my 3 transfers in Brantford I would train 3 times.

The news about Sister Sorensen training again is also a massive shock, President Scott told her a few days ago he had no plans to move either her or Sister Wise. I guess something changed though. I'm thrilled Sister Wise is going to Woodstock though, that was my favorite area and I'm stoked she'll still be in the district. Brantford is officially my legacy, in 4 months will have hosted me, 2 of my babies, and 2 of my grandbabies hahaha!

By the way, 8 sisters and 2 Elders in one district? Yikes! That will be different. Before I went to Woodstock there were only 6 Elders in this district!
Also, I need to thank you for the fantastic week. Tina had an AMAZING time at General Conference! She had opened up to us about a lot of very legitimate and hard fears she has about joining the church, but all of the talks she was there for were perfect to address them. Even though that was one of the most intense conferences I've ever seen-I've never heard so many warning about how we need to strengthen our families!- it was also a very refreshing weekend. 

I'll never stop being grateful I got to be here for Shawn's baptism too- that's 2 of my investigators I got to see Sister Sorensen baptize after I left the area! And Tina said she loved the baptismal service. It's always good when investigators can see one and feel the Spirit that's there.

Catherine is a really cool new investigator, I'm excited about her. Thanks for the unusally strong prompting that led us to knock on her door, and for helping us not be discouraged by the super rude man who lived at the house we knocked just before hers. Her lesson was almost picture perfect, Sister Von Niederhausern was super bold in challenging her to a date even after she didn't give a firm yes or no to the baptismal invitation. I was really proud of her even though Catherine still turned it down haha besides I think she'll agree to a date soon, she's definitely seeking the restored church.

Thank you for prompting Sister Williams to send me those old entries out of her journal from when we together. Not only were they HILARIOUS- my favorite was probably the entry from when we were first put together and she was plotting to convince me to let her cut my hair- and uplifting-she praised me way more in her journal than I would have ever suspected- but it also created a cool miracle. After reading them I started flipping thorough my old entries from when I was training her, and found an entry where I talked about OYMing this amazing woman on the street. Unfortunately, she wasn't from Bowmanville, she lived in Brantford (which I misspelled-Bramford. I had no idea where that random city was hahaha) so we had to pass her information on! I can really vividly remember that meeting, which is unusual to remember a random person you stopped on the street, so I looked in my old planner and sure enough I still have her address and phone number. Best part is she even lives in my half of the city! Her neighbors said she out of town right now-explains the over flowing mailbox- but I'm going to follow up on that potential and baptize her this transfer.

I got my parents' package this week and was ESPECIALLY delighted over the new sweater, I didn't think they'd send me clothes anymore even though I officially hate everything I own at this point. And now I have something to wear to trainers meeting tomorrow. I'll be praying extra hard all goes well with the move and that they're all settled when I get home so I don't have to help any with the unpacking (kidding).

Thanks for listening to one of my many many rants to you. Again, thanks for the chance to train again, and pleeeeeease HELP ME.

Love Sister Jensen!

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