Monday, April 29, 2013

You're here to learn character...

Hey family! Sorry emails keep coming later and later....p-days are getting increasingly insane. At least we have a car this week!

 So yesterday was zone conference with Elder Paul Johnson of the 70, which was fantastic le duh. He basically talked about commitments as a missionary- why we invite others to make and keep them, and the importance of keeping them ourselves. He drew a line at a 45 degree angle going up and explained how that line is like our progression and while we're all at different points of the line and thus taking different steps- or keeping different commitments- the principle is the same. We all only learn spiritual things and develop by acting and obediently taking the next step. No one step of obedience can be skipped, we can't move forward until we take it. So if we're talking about the gospel we never progress, no matter how much it seems we are. Only action moves us forward. Thinking about it is good, talking about it is nice, but only doing it produces results in our investigators and results in us. If someone isn't acting, there's no point in another lesson. We need to properly teach them HOW TO ACT and then let them do it. Other good lesson: "Don't be weird. You're here to learn character, not be a character." True Doctrine, Elder.

So wonderful Peggy Lynn came to church this week! She had to leave right after sacrament meeting because her back was killing her, but she loved it. Tina couldn't come because her fiancee and step-son were running in a race that morning- but she did fast and is doing AMAZING! She told us the coolest thing this week. A while ago I asked her if she thought her fiancee had noticed a change in her since she started learning the gospel. She told me on Friday (over all you can eat sushi-I love that woman!!) that she had asked him that about a week ago, and he had called her the day before and told her he'd been thinking about it and couldn't explain it but there was a different feel in the house. The kids were better behaved, she was happier, and the home was just better. She was SO excited he could feel the Spirit!

I think that's my life......I love you all! Talk to yous in a week!

Pictures of the week:

With Sister Scott and Sister Johnson

The Brantford Sisters

Some of my favorite people in Ontario


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