Monday, January 23, 2012

Prayers, Stares, and Smiles

Wow, I need to guilt trip about emails more often, my inbox rocked today! And it's amazing how exact they all hit on things I've been thinking about so well done to all.

First of all, Dad- yes we have a ward mission plan but it doesn't really talk much about how members will work with the actual missionaries, I wish it did more. We have an amazing ward mission leader, Brother Parsons, and his wife is a ward missionary. They do a ton of teaching with us, we really appreciate them. We also have 2 priest age young men who are preparing for a mission who are ward missionaries, but unfortunately we haven't been able to utilize them much. They both live at least half an hour away and work, so it's been hard to coordinate with them. We're hoping to start bringing them more though, because we only ever have sisters with us at our lessons and we think bringing some priesthood holders to meet our investigators would help them. Other than that, there's a few people in Owen Sound we bring consistently, but most of the ward doesn't live in the city so we haven't had much success bringing them to appointments. So I'm super grateful you went teaching with the missionaries, yes hearing things from members can definitely make a big difference.

Mom, sorry your trip was so crazy! I'm glad you made it safe though and hope y'all are having a great time in Utah. Grandma and Grandpa are in my prayers, I hope everything continues to go well.

This week was really interesting. We had a pretty amazing lesson with Chris, he basically explained to us how he sees the great apostasy going on all around him and we were like, well yeah that's exactly right, that's why the Lord needed to restore His original gospel through another prophet, and he was like, yeah I know. We were super excited, everything we taught him about the plan of salvation he just thought about for a second and then said "I already believe that, I just wouldn't use those words to explain it. Are y'all the only church that teaches this?" Unfortunately, our lesson ended abruptly because his daughter came home and he needed to go help her with something, but he is SO ready for the gospel, I'm super excited to invite him to be baptized this week. Steve on the other hand was a harder situation, he hasn't quit smoking yet and said he isn't ready to be baptized. So we're moving his baptism back and are really praying for help with helping him quit smoking. He's developing an awesome relationship with the Holy Ghost though, which is cool to see. He told us about how he had what seemed like a really good opportunity for him that he should have taken in a heart beat, but he just had a nagging feeling not to and he prayed about it and decided he needed to pass on it, that he would do more good staying where he was even though he didn't want to. He also came in to one lesson really excited about the chapter he read in the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 17, and said he can just relate to everyone and that was the first time anything in it really struck him. So pretty much, our investigators are amazing!

This week has been ridiculous weather! In the morning it will be raining and 5 degrees, then at night it will snow 6 inches and be -15. Then two days later all the snow will be gone again! I left my camera, but I'll send you some pictures next week so you can see how bipolar the weather here is. So I've learned I prefer tracting in the snow over tracting in the rain- for some reason it's just a happier experience, AND when it snows everyone goes inside so we get to talk to more people! I also had some OYM experiences where we just stopped people on the street, and get was kind of fun! It wasn't terrifying and stressful and awkward and hard, at least not every single conversation. We talked to one guy, I think he said he was 19, who at first was really not thrilled to be talking to us because he said he's talked to missionaries before and they're all rude, then 5 minutes later he was telling us his life story. he stopped and said "Wow, I don't usually tell people that...weird...What church do you go to?" He wants to meet us this weekend. So cool, that almost never happens here!

Well, that's all I can really think of from this week. 2 of my favorite quotes from this week....

-Chris was looking for something on his computer for like 10 minutes and couldn't find it. Finally Sister Tuisku suggested he pray. 30 seconds later, he found it. She asked if he had said a pray and he said "Maybe a little....oh the power of prayer and your stare!"

-Steve described our lessons as "You guys just stare and smile. Which one is it time for now?"

So I guess that's missionary work- you pray for people, stare at people, and smile at people. I love it.

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