Monday, January 16, 2012

Teeth and tiaras girls, teeth and tiaras!

Well I was going to apologize for emailing later than usual, but since I didn't get an email this week (except Dad, thanks for the family history story!) I guess I don't have to! Hope everyone had a good week, especially Grandma and Erin, I hope y'all are feeling well.

So I've started having princess dreams, seriously I've had 3 this week. I'm not sure what to blame, but it does mean I've had lines from that Barbie princess training movie running through my head all week. You can tell she's a princess..... It's made me miss my sisters quite a bit! So has the fact that a few times this week Sister Tuisku has told me "I just want to squeeze you!" so it's like Melissa is here.

It amazes me how comfortable you become with your companion and how well you get to know them with out actually getting to know them ever. Sister Tuisku and I went to the mall because she's in desperate need for some clothes, and I bought this skirt that I LOVE and she looked at me odd and said "You're funky. I didn't know that." It was super funny. I was also telling a couple we had dinner with about ice blocking (which everyone thought was super awesome and extreme sounding, they were very impressed) and she stared at me and said "How have I not heard about this?? You're crazy!" Also, it took me 7 weeks to learn Sister Tuisku doesn't like bugs. We went out to a farm where one of the members lives and he showed up his barn where he raises bugs. Seriously. He grows beetles, breeds them, and sells the larvae to the pet stores. He had rows and rows of trays with THOUSANDS of bugs in them! And he would just stick his hand in and pull a handful out while he
 talked about them! Sister Tuisku's eyes went wide and she went quite and I thought she was going to have to leave, she was so grossed out. (In her defense, it was pretty gross, and the smell was TERRIBLE! But I told her about cockroaches in Texas and she just about died.) And yet I probably know her better than anyone should, we're probably way to comfortable with each other. (She keeps telling me she's going to get transferred because she's made me unholy so we won't be allowed to be companions anymore. If only she knew that me being unholy is NOT a new thing....)

This week has been the coldest so far, and it's also the week we've really started tracting. Not the best timing, but thankfully it's ONLY gone to -15 C. I've been told it should be in the -20s and -30s this upcoming week, and we're going to try to tract an hour a day soooooo that will be interesting. This week has also been the most...testing I guess. We didn't have anyone at church, Steve got the flu and Chris has rehearsals for a play he's in in February, so he's probably not coming for the next 3 weeks or so. Steve is also really struggling to quit smoking so it's a little worrying. And we had no new investigators this week. So it's been stressful, but it was still a good week. We got to visit a lot of members we haven't had a chance to see yet, which was nice. 2 of them said they'd love to go teaching with us, which was much needed because we call the same 3 families or so all the time.

The thing I really have noticed the last 2 weeks or so is how much stronger my testimony has become about Joseph Smith. Not that I've ever really doubted that he was a prophet, but my testimony about him has mostly been based on the fact that I know that this church is Christ's true church on Earth so he had to have been a prophet. But Since coming on my mission, every time I've shared the first vision, even is I'm just role playing with Sister Tuisku, I feel the Spirit so strong! It's amazing what a powerful experience it is telling someone about how he actually saw and spoke with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and I know that's an event that really happened. I love teaching people, it's still nerve wrecking at times but I love how I feel sharing with people about the Book of Mormon, I love that book! I wish I'd had the nerve to do it more back home, that's probably why I was sent on a mission- so I would learn some courage and quite being a pansy.

Anyways, that's just about everything new with me. I love y'all! Talk to you in a week!

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