Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember, remember, the month of December....

Hey howdy hey to all! Hope y’all had a good week, I look forward to my double emails next week :)

This week was super fun, for a couple of reasons. First of all Steve is in love with the Book of Mormon, he wants to tell us everything he's reading and he's studying Heleman and Moroni and the stripling warriors, he told us that Alma 53:20 (I think, the one about being faithful in all things they're entrusted) is his new life mission statement and he's being trying to apply it to everything in his life. It's just so cool to see how much he's grown since he started really applying the Book of Mormon to his life, it's incredible. Talking to him just brings back my basic testimony about the Book of Mormon, I get excited and feel like I'm on fire. Every since I've come on my mission there's so much stress and emotions in my life that I feel the Spirit but I almost forget sometimes how easy and happy this gospel is, and this week has just been a reminder of all that, I'm so grateful Steve was able to help me remember that. He has a new baptismal date and is just progressing like crazy, we love it!

We also had a day where we got to teach some kids and that was so fun! One of them is 7 and literally the most adorable thing ever, we went to his grandparents' house for dinner and he pulled out the chairs for us to sit down, kept insisting we get to talk first and dish up first and have the last chicken ball because even though they're his favorites we're the guests. He asked what we do as missionaries and before we could answers told us we're the luckiest people in the world because we have the best jobs. And Sister Tuisku is so lucky because she speaks another language and I'm so lucky because Texas is so close to the sun all the time and he loves the warm sun. I was dying, he was the sweetest little gentleman! He showed us his room and was so embarrassed it wasn't clean so we had to close our eyes and let him clean up. Then we taught him about Daniel in the Lions' Den, my favorite scripture story ever, and he thought Daniel was superman, it was so cute. He kept saying "Not Daniel! Daniel can't be tricked! Daniel won't stop praying! Daniel can't be eaten! He knows God, so not Daniel!" I didn't think it was possible for me to love Daniel more, but I do now! Then we sang follow the prophet with him and he acted everything out, and we sang As I Have Loved You and showed him the sign language, then he signed Martin Luther King's dream speech for us. By the time we left we were ready to just bring him home, I've never seen such a cute kid! It's been our goal for a while to find a family to teach but now I'm determined to find one because I love teaching little kids, they just get it! It made me think of you Mom, talking about how awesome your sunbeams are. I'm so helping you when I get back from my mission, forget singles ward!

On Saturday we went to the Boy Scouts Winter Camp and helped deliver hot chocolate to the volunteers. It was a sweet camp, the scout troops were doing this rescue run where they pretended one of their members had a broken leg so they had to bandage it, make a sled to carry them on, pull them around the woods and stop at different stations where they did things like tie knots, start a fire on snow and melt/heat snow, etc. They're luck they had the snow to do it on though, Thursday morning there was no snow on the ground but it snowed just enough the troops could use their sleds. It was cool to talk to the different troops, only 1 was from Owen Sound, a few were from the US. The ward's troop wasn't there but a lot of the leaders were volunteering, which is why we got the assignment to help with hot chocolate. One of the members was running a station where you used a 2 man saw to cut a log so he called us over and had us do it. We sawed all the way through in under a minute, which supposedly is a good time but I'm not positive he wasn't just being nice.

We have a new investigator! Her name is Marlene and she's awesome, we met her a week or 2 ago. She told us she was church hopping at the moments, so we taught her about the apostasy and the restoration and she was super interested. She took a Book of Mormon and gave one to her sister too, and has been reading it. This week she said she would pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and we're seeing her again on Thursday. She lives about 30 minutes away so she's a little harder to see than Chris or Steve, but she's so solid! And the best part- Sister Tuisku and I were role playing for her lesson and I was playing Marlene, and we knew almost nothing about her so I just made stuff up. I said I had moved from Collingwood, because everyone here and their dog seems to have some connection to Collingwood, and Sister Tuisku laughed and said if she was from Collingwood she'd buy me an ice cream. And wonderful Marlene is in fact from Collingwood, so she won me a McFlurry! (Btw, they have Smartie McFlurrys here- smarties are like M&Ms here, not like American smarties, but I was so grossed out when I saw that on the menu, and even more grossed out when Sister Tuisku ordered one. But then it turned out to be chocolate candy so it was fantastic, not disgusting.)

I found a new favorite scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, I think it's 88:4- basically it promises if we'll but open our mouths and speak we'll become as Nephi of old. So that's my new goal, our district focus this week is talking with everyone so I'm going to try to open my mouth and see what happens. So it should be a pretty awesome week! Hope everything back home is still well, love you all! Do missionary work!

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