Monday, August 6, 2012

SURPRISE BAPTISM! For the greatest man on Earth!

OF COURSE the friggin Olympics was what cost me my mail! It's been killing me not being able to watch it, and everyone has it on in their home and won't turn it off so it's been the hardest week trying not to watch swimming during lessons. Ugh...

Anyways, besides that little rant, hello! Oh my gosh best week ever, ready for this? We had a......
SURPRISE BAPTISM! For the greatest man on Earth!
So Friday we go to teach Jeff a lesson, first time we've seen him all week because he went out of town, and at the end we ask to take a picture just in case something happens with transfers. So we explain transfers and all this stuff, and he's all sad about possibly losing his missionaries of course. So we leave and come back the next day for another appointment and he says "So I thought alot last night about you possibly leaving and I'd really like to be baptized while you're here, so I went and researched baptism and the holy ghost and wanted to know if I could do it tomorrow." He showed us these scriptures about how the Holy Ghost gives extra power and he showed us his notes on the gospel principle book on the chapter of baptism. So we phoned up our district leader and set up an interview for 4 hours later and threw together a full baptism. Thankfully he wanted to do it in the evening so his son could come, not right after church when they usually are, so we had a good 26 hours to call people and make arrangements.

And then, as if that wasn't already the most exciting baptism ever, our ward mission leader OVERFLOWED THE FONT and flooded half of the gym, which btw is also what we use as a chapel.

Jeff bore his testimony afterwards and it was so powerful, he talked about how the Book of Mormon was the word of God and told his story of how he could see God had prepared him to accept it when we knocked on his door. He was so grateful to be back at a church when he'd been away fr a few years and he was so greatful to have found this one. I was bursting with pride and joy! Loved it! It was probably the best day of my life, I'm so happy. And then we didn't even get transfered! Double win!

And it was ironic because it had been a pretty hard week, 2 of our investigators dropped us and another has gone AWOL. Jeff was the only one at church, we were expecting 4 people. But It's kind of a blessing, because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to focus on Jeff this weekend like we did, so it's funny how the Lord helps you. You gotta be pruned and dug about to be properly nourished and grown!

Love you all! Thanks for the email lol talk to you in a week!

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