Monday, August 27, 2012

Gotta love when service softens people's hearts

Dear Mom aka Madame Vice President, please forgive me for laughing out loud about your comment about being alone because even Dakota was at the kennel. Hilarious, but I realize it was sad. I'm glad you got all refocused though, if you need a good talking to at any point read "remembering Lot's wife," sister williams' favorite talk. But it's a little harsh, so only read it if needed. I love what you said though, I've definitely seen the same thing on missions. Sometimes we have a hard week and I make my goal for the next week to be happy or have fun or something, but every time I'm successful at the goal it's because I was able to throw myself fully into the work. The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves, and he knows what really brings happiness. And so he told us very clearly with the commandments for men in general, and gives us personal answers through the Spirit. So when we make that our focus just like you've decided to, we can't miss true joy and happiness! We have to accept the consequences for our actions- this time in a good way.
I'm not going to lie, I'm now waiting to hear that you and dad are going to serve a mission. Hello, you're retired and the kids are gone. But I guess I'll stop receiving revelation for you as I realize I'm currently missionary work hungry and not the best person to ask for advice about serving a mission, because no matter who you are I'll say GO NOW! Lol
Glad to hear everyone's doing so well! It's weird you're all having big changes going on, I feel like that should line up with a transfer or something so I can relate haha. But I love the exciting emails and letters I get out of it!
Brian pushed his baptism back a week, because his entire family really wants to come support him but the all had things this Sunday. This last week of meeting with him has been so good, there's definitely been a change in him. He's so happy and comfortable now, he's still learning but he's not overwhelmed by what we teach him, he's supported by it. I love seeing the gospel work in people the way it's supposed to! His family is being such a great support too, I can't wait until they're ready to accept it as well. i think the baptism will be such a powerful experience for them to see him set that example of following Christ and to feel the Spirit.
We made some great progress with one of our investigators, Emily, the 17 year old daughter of a less active. She really shared how she felt about where meeting with us was going and how she sees it going- about how she wants to come to church but isn't sure she'll keep going, so she doesn't want to set any goals about baptism until she's sure she'll stay active. It's slow progress, but it's good she recognizes how important it is to promise something to God.  Hopefully she will come to church soon and start moving towards making that covenant.
We had some cool finding miracles this week, but unfortunately none that have yet resulting into someone we 're teaching. Best person we met was probably Brenda, who let us stop and help her pull nails out of a wall she's taking down. She's an older woman who's had a rough life and is really against the idea of God, she has 3 questions for every answer you give her. But she said she's never talked to missionaries before, she shoos Jehovah Witness away without listening and was going to do the same to us- gotta love when service softens people's hearts :) We talked for a long time and she ended up taking a card with our number on it so she can call us if she needs more help. She gave us the weirdest look and asked why we want to help so bad, and said maybe she'd look in a bit to a religion that produces young people who will beg strangers to let them help out. She's hilarious, dibs on teaching her in the spirit world!!
We got to go into our new chapel this week! Super exciting, people here have been waiting for a full sized church in Bowmanville probably more than 50 years. I love getting to see the pioneer faith people have around here, it's the stuff out of stories.
Love to everyone, hope you have another great week!  Keep me updated on the numerous projects I'm sure you'll be doing now Mom and Dad!

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