The picture that set Jeff's whole baptism into action....
Jeff's baptism
Swimming in the flooded gym, amusing the masses aka the members stood around and laughed at me
1)yoga on the beach- Sister Williams, Elder Bean (our zone leader), and Elder Webster (our district leader).
She was stretching out her back, then elder bean joined in, the Elder Webster couldn't resist. She took them through a whole salutation, they looked so peaceful....
2) with Sandra- an investigator the Pickering elders taught for 9 months.
She house sat for a few weeks in Bowmanville so we got to teach her a bit.
Ward picnic- cotton candy!!!!!!!!!!
Fort tender- we constructed her out of spare sheets we found in the closet (would have been nice if we'd known those were there when Sister Williams was beddingless for a transfer haha)  
We were going to sleep in it with the Belleville sisters, who were sleeping over for transfers night so they didn't have to drive our at 1 in the morning, but since they didn't get there until 11 at night and left at 5 in the morning it was mostly just Sister Williams and I having a party in the living room.
1) with sensi, who actually does most of the teaching
2) with henshi...9th degree blackbelt....grand master of the year...
developer of his own style of jui jitsu, "kumo jui jitsu" or spider jui jitsu....the bulletproof man..... he almost made Sister Williams black out one time. We love him. People join the church in an attempt to be more like him.