Hello family!
Yet another week where I have no idea what to write to you about....

Most of my life at the moment revolves around Brian, who's getting baptized next Sunday. We've had alot of great experiences teaching him, everyone in his family has sat in on at least part of a lesson. We're teaching his mother-in-law now as well and are hoping to be able to teach his wife and daughter soon, if their schedules will ever coordinate with ours. We had an awesome lesson with him this week, where we walked in and had him inform us he didn't feel comfortable about the idea of baptism. We told him we were here to help him, and if he wasn't comfortable then he shouldn't do it until he was. We then sat down and taught him and his mother about the restoration, and how by calling another prophet God has again given us the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Central to this gospel is baptism and it's a great blessing to be able to participate in this ordinance. We don't have to know everything or be perfect to be baptized; we just need to be willing to follow Jesus Christ and have a testimony of His gospel. At the end we were able to invite his mother-in-law to be baptized, and Brian told us without us even asking that he felt much better about the idea and still wanted to be baptized on the 26th. It was an especially cool experience because earlier Sister Williams and I had been talking about how we'd felt for a few days we were in a bit of a rut, and the member we brought teaching with us had told us how hard things were for her right now and it was one of those times you have to fight to keep faith. But all 5 of us walked away from that lesson having felt the Spirit so strongly, it was a message we all needed to hear and be reminded of the truth of what we teach every day. I love how God uses us all to bless each other, it was pretty incredible!
We also tracted into a woman this week who works with pretty much the entire stake. We'd gone by to see a less active but they weren't there- just left a note on the door apologizing for missing. I'd been studying the finding section in Preach My Gospel the last few days and thinking about the advice it gives for when you receive media referrals, like someone requesting a Book of Mormon off of mormon.org- plan time to find in the area where the referral lives because maybe the Lord has sent you there to find someone else nearby. So when our appointment fell through, instead of heading out early to our dinner appointment I asked Sister Williams if we could use our new found 15 minutes to tract out the area. So we did my favorite form of tracting- we prayed, each picked 2 houses, and knocked them. House number 2, Tracy answers, names off about 6 members she works with, and invites us back. LOVE THE SPIRIT! Preach my gospel is inspired! We're teaching her and her husband tonight and are really excited.
Glad to hear everyone is enjoying their road trips! I gotta say, probably the hardest thing about Bowmanville is the lack of movement because you can cross the entire area in under an hour. Even in Owen Sound we made a road trip to a town an hour away once or twice a week, once every other week we had district meeting 2 hours away, and once a transfer at least we'd make a 4 or 5 hour trek to zone conference somewhere. Bowmanville gets a bit claustrophobic sometimes, so the idea of a road trip makes me a bit jealous. Thankfully with our ward boundary changes we have a whole new section to go explore so once we beg a few more kilometers from our zone leaders we're going to spend a good chunk of time there.
I feel like I should give you a good Sister Williams story, but she's impossible to describe- you need to meet her in person to understand. Fortunately she's coming to live with us in Texas for a few months so you'll all be able to enjoy her in a few years. She reads me her journal entries when she writes something funny, one the other night was a paragraph about how I was running around the apartment fly hunting with my barbie coloring book.
Also, Pros and Cons of living with a member who works for the postal service:
PRO- you get your mail promptly and safely
CON- when you clog his bathroom sink and he has to fix it, he looks you dead in the eye and says "Don't forget, I know your first name." YIKES!
Rents, try not to go crazy now that you're empty nesters. Sibs, go crazy and enjoy your college life! If y'all want to send me some year old root beer in a package I wouldn't complain. Love you all!